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Invest with friends

Start a group chat, invite your friends & invest together. No need for seed phrases or other wallets.

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No more seed phrases

Forum uses ERC-4337 to remove the need for group members to have wallets! All you need is a device that supports passkeys.


Name your group

Invite members

Buy Chikn

Vote on assets to buy

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Gather your squad

Got friends in mind? Start by sending them a link to join!

Now is the time to start building your group portfolio

  • Invest any amount

    Low on liquidity? Starting a group lets you spread the cost of expensive assets with other people!

  • Build a balanced portfolio

    Start making smart, collective investment decisions with a community of like-minded investors

  • Fund groups fast

    Within seconds your group can raise funds, issue tracking tokens & start collecting assets.

  • Learn from others

    NFTs & DeFi are hard. Find people who know what you don't & team up!

  • Don't have a group?

    With Forum Crowdfunds you can suggest some trade and if people are interested they can join in!

  • Portfolio tracking

    Each of your groups will issue a ERC-1155 token to keep track of your share of the treasury and quantify your vote share

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